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Using numeric input clickers in accounting

Alice Luby, Lecturer, School of Accounting and Finance My rationale for using clickers with my accountancy students is to encourage students to be more active in the learning process.  This facilitates those who learn by doing, the approach is also useful … Continue reading

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BA Hospitality Management using clickers to increase student participation

Valerie Hascoet, DIT School of Languages I used the clickers this semester with a group of second year students from the B.A. in Hospitality Management as part of their third French module. I focussed on the skill of listening comprehension, … Continue reading

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Clicker Technology – too techno for me!

DIT Lecturer Una Beagon provides some reflections and tips on how she first used clickers with her class Clickers are hailed as a novel way to engage students within your classroom.  But, are you a busy lecturer with enough to … Continue reading

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Using clickers to teach threshold concepts in accountancy

According to research into threshold concepts once a learner understands a particular concept they are then unlikely to forget and subsequently have the ability to apply their learning to similar and more complex tasks. Teaching basic concepts to novice accountancy … Continue reading

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Clickers in the Chemistry Classroom

Barry Ryan and Julie Dunne evaluated their use of clickers in Chemistry teaching both in large lab sessions and lectures. The students answered pre-lab and post-lab questionnaires with clickers. Findings and information can be seen in their online presentation. DIT_Clickers_Workshop … Continue reading

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Using student lists from DIT’s with Turningpoint clickers

After yesterdays clickers workshop I have been trying out a few new tools. First on my list was to try importing a student list from our virtual learning environment The tutorial on how to do this is available at … Continue reading

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DIT clickers induction workshop tomorrow

Welcome back to a new and promising academic year , at DIT Student numbers are up so this is definitely a year to begin using clickers for large group teaching to enhance feedback and engagement! At  DIT we have a number of specific projects … Continue reading

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