Turningpoint Anywhere for clickers

Turningpoint Anywhere is a great tool if you don’t want to use PowerPoint embedded questions. For lecturers that might have questionnaires created in MS Word (or any other application) or want to ask questions on the fly, responses can be polled and collected through Turningpoint Anywhere.

Look at the following demonstration of Turningpoint Anywhere in action to gauge it for your selves on http://trainingportal.turningtechnologies.com/flash/tutorials/Polling%20on%20any%20Application.swf

Read about the key features (http://www.turningtechnologies.com/audienceresponseproducts/pollingsoftware/turningpointanywhere/)

The tool is free is download http://www.turningtechnologies.com/responsesystemsupport/downloads/ and is suitable for use with the DIT’s ResponseCard (RF) devices

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Clickers in the Chemistry Classroom

Barry Ryan and Julie Dunne evaluated their use of clickers in Chemistry teaching both in large lab sessions and lectures. The students answered pre-lab and post-lab questionnaires with clickers. Findings and information can be seen in their online presentation.

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Using student lists from DIT’s WebCourses.dit.ie with Turningpoint clickers

After yesterdays clickers workshop I have been trying out a few new tools.

First on my list was to try importing a student list from our virtual learning environment https://webcourses.dit.ie. The tutorial on how to do this is available at http://www.turningtechnologies.com/flash/tutorials/tp421/421%20Integrations%20Import_demo_skin.swf.

This integration worked out really well and I could import a full student list from WebCourses into my Participant list in my Turningpoint/PowerPoint slides. Then Ken Lacey and I tested out some quiz questions , saved the responses and exported the data back to https://webcourses.dit.ie. This data was then available in the GradeBook. This tool can definitely be encouraged as another means to record results for summative assessment or continuous assessments.

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100 IDEAS for Turning Technologies clickers

100 Ideas for Turning Technologies Student Response Systems

These 100 ideas are available from  http://www.turningtechnologies.com/media/files/100%20ttech%20ideas%20for%20SRS.pdf.

I have picked out the my favourite of the 100 ideas here:

  •  Daily use of TurningPoint increased student engagement and has also been proven to increase attendance
  • Provide anonymity for shy and/or struggling students.
  • Insert a discussion slide after a TurningPoint question slide and encourage peer review and instruction.
  • Use Velcro to keep clickers on students desks. Create a seating chart and Velcro the clicker according to the chart
  • Have teams of students create question slides and combine all question slides for a team competition.
  • Become a mentor. Educate other teachers about Turning Technologies’ student response technology
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DIT clickers induction workshop tomorrow

Welcome back to a new and promising academic year , at DIT Student numbers are up so this is definitely a year to begin using clickers for large group teaching to enhance feedback and engagement!

At  DIT we have a number of specific projects that will use clickers over the next year and so we will facilitate an induction workshop on using clickers will take place on Thursday September  15th  from 12pm here in DIT 14 Upper Mount St.

Lecturer Barry Ryan will also give a 30 min demo on how he has used clickers over the past academic year. Also as some of you are continue to use clickers from last year this session will be valuable to share experiences and get questions answered

A trainer (Paul Jenner) from the Turning technologies company will also come along and answer questions and also provide further training from 1.30pm

The schedule for the workshop  will be as follows

12:00 pm – Introduction to clickers, (tea coffee on arrival)         

12:30 pm Barry Ryan Julie Dunne, using clickers in labs

13:00 Lunch (Discussions and Questions)

From 13:30 pm Turning point workshop, question and answers

15:00 finish

At various points in the coming year I will organise lunchtime workshops on different campuses to support the clickers.

I look forward to seeing you on the 15th

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Testimonials from Turningpoint!




These turning point testimonials are actually very pragmatic and show examples of clickers used in different sectors of education


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New clickers Projects announced for 2011-12

Evaluation of proposals from DIT lecturers on how they would like to strategically integrate clickers into teaching during the next academic year are completed.
We are pleased to announce some newcomers to the project and other lecturers who will continue work with clickers in their teaching.

Steve Meaney (Biochemistry)
Valerie Hascoet (French)
Greg Byrne (Clinical Immunology)
Mick Mc Keever (Control and Automation Systems)
Rosaleen McElvaney (Abnormal Psychology)
Julie Dunne (Chemistry)
Alice Luby (Accounting)
Patricia Ennis (Health and Safety training )

A booklet containing reports and feedback from DIT lecturers on the use of clickers in the spring semester 2011 , see http://www.dit.ie/lttc/projects/institutionalprojects/clickers/

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